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Nese Kimya Ltd. Şti.  was established in 2004 to produce polyurethane parts, adhesives, sound, and anti-vibration parts for the automobile sector, produces parts used in many domestic and foreign cars; Tofaş, Ford, Toyota, Hyundai with an expanding product range.

In May 2005, our company was granted ISO 14000 Environmental Quality Certificate. In 2009, our compliance with ISO / TS 16949-2002 and OHSAS 18001-2007 standards had approved by the international accredited United Registrar of Systems (URS).


To be one of the leader firms supplying and developing products such as sound and vibration deadeners, adhesives, poliurethane foam parts, specialty chemicals for the automotive industry.


To increase the overall sales by 30+% a year each year.

To increase our profits by increasing the efficiency of production.

To fulfill the goals and requirements declared by our quality management system,

To develop job skills of our personnel.

To increase the overall satisfaction of our workers and customers.

To fulfill the requirements of workplace safety and health.

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