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Quality Policy


"Your strong solution partner in automotive" with this slogan combines our company the requirements of automotive sector with appropriate technology and engineering. In our company NESE KIMYA is the principle QUALITY=HAPPY CUSTOMER the basis of our quality policy

Customer Satisfaction

 Our goal is to make our job at first time and every time right to fulfill the needs and expectations of our customers and to ensure continuity of customer satisfaction.


Leadership in Technology and Quality

 Our goal is to manage all the processes from projects to products as from offering to delivery efficiently and effectively through new methods applied to our products, services and through continuous improvement projects.


Employee Involvement 

We are the family of NESE company and our employees are the secret of our superiority. Therefore, to make our quality continuous is only possible through talented, who knows the responsibility, develops itself, hard-working, believe in teamwork, humble, respectful and loyal employees. However, we can compete only with products and services, which are created by people, who own these features and we can be so a leader in our industry.


Improvement Processes

Through common and permanent work of our all units we should develop our processes in accordance with changing conditions and expectations of the day.


Integration With Suppliers

Our strength is proportional to power of each ring in a chain, which grows out from our employees and our suppliers. Therefore, through integration with our suppliers we provide decision-making and implementation processes to be more productive.


Environmental Protection

 We are aware of the need to protect our natural environment from all kinds of harmful factors. In this purpose, our basic principle is to select proper materials and techniques for protecting the environment.

As a result, through teamwork and our quality system, which is compatible with the TS / ISO 16949:2002 standards we work to be a sample in our sector.

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